It all started with 10K Badass Fighting Penguins....

Well, what can we say…the birds and the bees, flowers and the trees…Ahh what the hell, those damn penguins got it on and the next thing you know, eggs everywhere!

Introducing The Penguin Academy!

Our Penguin Fight Club family is growing. Hatching this November the future generation will take their place alongside their parents in the Pengverse, spending their days learning at The Penguin Academy. Each baby penguin is randomly generated from over 160 hand drawn traits.

How to Mint

PFC babies will be free to mint for all Penguin Fight Club Holders starting November 20th at 22:00 UTC / 6pm EST. There will be a minimum 2 week incubation period (minting window) to allow holders to avoid high gas fees.  After we will stop minting and any unclaimed eggs will not make it through the cold winter ahead.

Update: Minting has finished.